Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are so blessed at Victoria Rose Cottage to showcase the incredible talent of Kathy Carlson, porcelain artist. Kathy's God given and God recognized talent - is truly a gift and a blessing! We met Kathy several years ago and from the very first day - there was a special connection. I also knew that she had an incredible talent. . . I purchased a few items from her and the day they arrived, I was amazed at her incredible talent. I had collected a few pieces of Limoges from inheritance and her work reminded me of Limoges. . . I told her on that day that if I ever was blessed to open a brick and mortar store or gift shop, I would order from her regularly as her attention to detail and her Limoges style of painting just captured my heart. The little purse business card holder takes a special place on my desk today.

Well, I never got to open that little Victorian gift shop. The Lord had other plans for me and I was diagnosed with a muscle and tissue disease. . .So, I ended up with an online boutique and you guessed it - the first person I contacted was Kathy. . . I could not wait for others to see her incredible talent. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kathy is going through a very difficult time right now with a precious family member going through chemotherapy and radiation so she is only painting when she can and only the larger pieces. . . She is devoting more time to her family and we love and respect that. . in fact, we would not want it any other way. Kathy puts God first and foremost and is spending less time in her studio and more time with her family right now. . . Initially, she did not think she could take up her paint brush again - she was too sad and overwhelmed. . .With time and many prayers and prayer chains - God was able to redirect Kathy's steps and she now paints when her husband is sleeping or when she is not needed by her family. . it is therapeutic for her and we feel so blessed. At the same time, orders may take a little longer but God has again blessed us as all of the clients who are waiting on orders truly understand and appreciate her circumstance and are being so patient. . . If you would like to take a look at Kathy's incredible talent, please visit us
Victoria Rose Cottage.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with Kathy's talent and thank you for your love and grace toward her beloved family member. If any of you include prayer as part of your daily life, please add Kathy Carlson and her family to your prayer list.