Monday, August 18, 2008

We Are Famous For Our Original Shop Tags!

At Victoria Rose Graphics, we are known for our exclusive and original Shabby Shop Tags®. We create tags for online boutiques and websites, as well as Ebay or Etsy sellers, to use on their items they sell. We personalize these exclusive tags with your shop name. Many of our clients print them out, punch a hole in the tag with a pretty punch, thread a gorgeous organdy ribbon through and then add embellishemts such as paper roses or rhinestones. Then sprinkle with a dash of glitter or "angel dust" and you not only have a tag to hang on your item but the tag can be turned into a business card by adding your name and address and other pertinent information on the reverse side by either a label or a stamp. Many of our clients are antique store owners who have told us that their clients come in regularly to see if they have new tags as they collect them and would rather post those on a Kitchen work center or Bulletin board or use them as a bookmark. . they are just too pretty to toss away. Speaking of bookmarks, we also sell beautiful complementing book marks that make a great "tuck-in" gift for your customer. . . We sell both the tags and bookmarks as E-Images, meaning they are sent to you worldwide via Email and you can print as many as you want for personal, non-commercial use. All tags and bookmarks can be used commercially on your own products but are not to be sold or claimed as your own creations as each one is our copyright protected intellectual property.

Please stop by and visit us at Victoria Rose Graphics and take a look at our collection when you have a few moments.