Saturday, August 23, 2008

Signs of Change

I remember a sign along the "camp road" a dirt road where people had to honk their car horn as they went around a corner to alert an oncoming car as the road was narrow and two cars could not fit at the same time. . So, as neighbors who showed courtesy we would all "honk the horn" around the corners to alert the other "campers". . Funny how little things like that now mean so much to me. . Such a part of those warm fuzzy memories that used to not mean quite as much because I was just a kid. . Looking back, I long for those good old days when life was as simple as a dirt road leading to Heaven on Earth..Getting back to the sign - at the fork in the road -where one camp road intersected with another - there was a sign - I will never forget it. . "This is God's country. . Why set it on fire and make it look like hell". ..Today, the ACLU would probably consider that sign some kind of unpolitically correct attempt at trying to witness for our Lord - Another reason why I miss those "good old days". . . God is God - Our country was founded on Christianity. . . Shame on anyone who has left Him out.