Thursday, August 14, 2008


Look at that face - that is the face that captured my heart!

By the way, she sleeps on our down filled white sofa!

Where else would a "princess" sleep?

This is not a good picture of the majesty of this dog!
She is 110 pounds of breathtaking beauty!
Better pictures posted soon!

Ruby is looking pretty relaxed in her new home.

This was taken only a few days after she captured our hearts!

We promised you a picture of our beautiful new angel dog - Ruby. Ruby is a Great Pyrenees. We never imagined ever that we would be blessed with another dog when we lost our beloved Rosey girl. . . Ruby is a rescue dog - but we love to say that Ruby rescued us. . . not the other way around. I was looking around on the Internet, just looking - to see what "rescue dogs" were all about. . . My heart was breaking and I was still very sad about our Rosey passing so suddenly. A lot of our very well meaning friends suggested we look at rescue dogs and we were not ready. .saying that we did not ever want to experience the hurt of losing another dog - especially not right away. When they would make these suggestions, we knew it came from love but somehow it seemed to us that they just had no idea of our loss. . . Rosey had become a little nurse to me as well as my constant companion - and no dog could ever replace her. . . but I knew that many of these friends loved us and were only trying to help and for some of them - that help came from a very special place as they too had lost a beloved pet and companion.

So, as I looked on the Internet for Golden Retriever rescue dogs - just to see what that was about in detail - I came across many rescue groups under the various search banners. . . I went to a site that listed all rescue groups and clicked on the Great Pyrenees Rescue group. . I grew up as a little girl in Maine - with a dog at my side my entire life. I have never ever not had a dog. . . I remember asking my beloved Mum to buy me a book of dogs so I could study the breeds. My only brother had a dog collection in his room - little ceramic statues of them - and I would sneek in his room and just look at them and admire the different breeds. . . When I saw Great Pyrenees - I thought - Gee, what do they look like? I had never heard much about that breed and never seen one in person. . . It got me curious. I clicked on this link and went to the Florida group. Down the page of available dogs - about half way down - was this "Ruby" girl! The minute I saw that face - she reminded me of our Rosey - only white instead of gold. . . I read all about her and clicked out of there as fast as I could. I was NOT ready for another dog - no more broken hearts. . no. . I kept repeating this over and over. . Protect yourself - you don't need another dog - you are healing now and will visit other people's dogs and continue on and hold Rosey special. Well, to make a long story shorter- you guessed it. I could not forget that face.

I kept returning to the site and seeing her still there. I kept thinking - No - someone has adopted her - the webmaster just failed to take her picture off there. No, no, no. . .. .Plus she was a lot bigger than our Rosey and Rosey was big enough to handle.. . weighing a hefty 85 pounds. Please see pictures above.

One day I decided to just ask a few more questions about Ruby. . Was she adopted? Where was she living? How long had she been in rescue? What was her circumstance?

Yes - We filled out the application and had a home study - the group is very thorough and we were happy about that. . they don't want any dogs being adopted to be sold or further abused. . . We were told that we would not be approved because we did not have a fenced in yard! Oh Lord in Heaven - oh no. . . Not after I had "fallen in love" with this Ruby girl! The head of the group heard our story about our losing our Rosey girl and knew we lived in a community that was gated and where fences were not allowed and she made an exception for us after the case worker had brought a "test dog" to our home and she reported that we would make perfect parents for Ruby. . . .We then drove a long distance to "meet" her and the minute we met her, we fell hopelessly "in love" with this 110 pound girl who looked more like a bear than a dog! She overwhelmed us with her size and her distinctive characteristics. She has a huge mane around her neck like a lion and she was bred originally to protect sheep in France as well as the owners and their manors . . . and was referred to as a Guardian dog. . I made the mistake in the initial interview by calling saying that I had done research and understood they were great Guard dogs. I was corrected immediately and told she was not a Guard dog but a Guardian Dog and now that we have been blessed with her, we fully understand the difference. . . This dog believes her entire purpose of being here is to be our Guardian angel. .. She is fiercely protective and at the same time, has the sweetest most gentle spirit. . And those eyes - they seem to look right into the soul when she looks at you. . . It is very hard to explain and I will post further at a later time but if you have never had the opportunity to see or know these fantastic creatures - you could never "get it" as to my message. . .Ruby did not know I walk with a cane. From the time we met, she refuses to take a step until I take one. . . She won't walk in front of me or behind me .. she takes a step beside me as I take a step. It is very hard to explain but she is truly my Guardian and had no idea or formal training to be a service dog. . .
Look for updates soon. . and thank you God for blessing us with this incredible gift. . . We know, as any pet owner does, that God created pets to teach humans true unconditional love. . . Thank you Lord for your unconditional love.