Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet The Joye Of Our Website

You are in for a treat! During the time when our Premiere porcelain artist, Kathy Carlson was going through times when her devotion to her family was far more important than painting - and we are thankful she feels that way - we were very blessed once again to find Joye Hinton.

Joye is also a porcelain painter but paints in a different style than Kathy. Joye's name is so true to her presence. . . For she has brought such joy to us and to those who are blessed to receive her hand painted treasures. . . Like Kathy, she also realizes her talent comes from God and thanks Him every single day for it.

We too are so thankful and it is a blessing to showcase the incredible talent of both of these fine artists. We understand from reading that china painting is becoming a lost art. That made us even more thankful that God just connected us in His own special networking so that we can showcase the talent of two women who also know and honor Him. . a perfect match. . . and it shows in their talent.

Joye is a former florist so you can just imagine how realistic her roses look - Sometimes, we think we can actually pick them off the china! From romantic hand painted office items to the gorgeous and elegant tea sets, chocolate pot sets, and now an air tight canister set for your romantic ccottage style Kitchen - you will keep returning just to view the beauty of these very romantic items - each one just overflowing with the most romantic bloom of all - Roses!

Although pink is our favorite color - Joye is also happy to paint any of her items in any color your heart desires. She loves painting special for you as her main goal is to make sure that you are happy with your purchase! Most of the time, unless a client requires a lot more details, such as a lot of added roses, she does not charge additional to customize your hand painted porcelain to your own design goals. . .

We are overjoyed - I mean overJOYEd with the incredible talent and loving generous spirit of this Christian woman. . . Please stop by our site when you have time. .
Victoria Rose Cottage continues to be thankful to God for blessing us with this incredibly talented china painter - add some Joye to your home today!

We thank the Lord for blessing us with Joye and her incredible talent and ask you to continue to bless her and her family as they continue to honor and glorify you in all they do. Amen.